Tuesday 3 December 2013

Pattern Giveaway

I got this pattern "by accident" from Pink Chalk Fabrics. It's brand new, still in the plastic sleeve. I only took it out to take pictures without the glare from the plastic. It's not my style and I will probably never use it, so I want to pass it on to one of you who will. It's a Carolyn Friedlander design. To enter, just post a comment on this post. If you follow on facebook and don't have a google account, you can comment on the link on facebook. Or you can use the contact form at the bottom of the sidebar to enter by email. I will keep the draw open until Dec. 10th when I get home from work (4:30 MST).

The draw is not limited to geogrraphic location. Just make sure I have a way to contact you (google+, facebook or email) if you win.
Now a word about Pink Chalk Fabrics: I just discovered them recently when I was looking for a Kona colour card (I will blog about this later) and they were selling them. They answered my questions promptly and were a pleasure to deal with. Shipping was quite reasonable and my order was shipped out quickly. I communicated with them both by email and telephone and found them very polite and pleasant. I have added their link to my favourite quilting links in my sidebar. There are so many quilting vendors out there that I like to share if I've found one I like.
Good luck on the draw.

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