Tuesday 11 June 2024

Grandma's Sewing Room - One of Grandmother's Twins

This project started before Valentine's Day of last year (2023), after I had finished my heart wallhanging and table topper
I really love the looks of  blocks set on point with a focus fabric filling the spaces in between. And I decided to keep notes of my measurements, etc. so that I could repeat the design when I wanted to. I used it for Let It Snow, though in that one I used two different blocks.It's a great size for snuggling on the sofa and I backed both Let It Snow and this one with minky. 
If you read my original Heart Quilts post, then you're aware that I had planned on using another heart fabric as the focus fabric in this quilt top, but was not happy with how it looked. And so I went to the LQS to find an alternate fabric that would work. It wasn't easy because the coral/pink was a tough match. Then I spied this sewing themed fabric. 
And I decided that that would work. And it would make it the perfect choice for a quilt for my "sewing room". And hence the name of the quilt. The block itself is called Grandmother's Choice, and this grandmother's choice is to spend time in her sewing room. I will be making a companion quilt to this one, using Grandmother Percy's Puzzle quilt block and the other heart fabric. And I will call the pair of quilts "Grandmother's Twins". 
The quilt top was finished and then I set it aside, because I had other quilts that were a greater priority. And then I used the backing I had purchased for this quilt in Take Flight. But I purchased a replacement backing, which I think coordinated better with the top. And when New Year's Eve came and I determined to see how many quilts I could finish before midgnight, this was one of them. Heard It Through the Grapevine and Let It Snow were the other two I finished that night. 
I chose the Sewing Time pantograph for the quilting. 
And now for a quick Tortoise Project update: honestly, not much progress made on any of my projects except for the quilt block. 
Though I'm trying to be as accurate as I can, the mini blocks ended up larger than the edges of the diamonds for the centre star, so I had to ease in a lot of fullness when attaching them. 
I'm working on the 24th square of the Shannon afghan, maybe did a couple more rows of the Variegated Moss Stitch afghan, and have made some progress in attaching the binding to the latchhook project, but I haven't touched the needlepoint at all. I've been kind of running out of steam when it comes to my tortoise projects. But they will get done. Eventually. 

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