Friday 28 July 2023

10-Minute Block Tote Bag


Another UFO in the bag, pun intended. 
I don't remember what year I started this tote bag, but it began with a desire to try the 10-minute quilt block. Haven't heard of the 10-minute block? Neither had I, but you can find it on YouTube. 
I finished four 10-minute blocks, with the intention of making them into a tote bag, and that's as far as I got. Actually, I shouldn't say "finished" because I hadn't even stitched down the centre piece. 
I'm trying to get more of my UFOs finished. And having fair season rapidly approaching has been a good motivator. There is a class for tote bags in the bench show and I decided to drag out these blocks and see if I could finish this project. But first, I had to find the rest of the fabric. I seemed to recall using some of it for something, but couldn't remember what. And surely, I didn't use all of it... But there wasn't any other fabrics with the blocks. Finally, thank the Lord, I found the fat quarter bundle, and then I just had to decide what fabric to use where.
All along, I had planned on putting this saying on the reverse side of the tote bag. My fabric choice for the letters was probably not the best because it makes the words less distinct. But it's still legible.
I quilted it using the Cable & Feather pantograph from Golden Threads. I purchased it at my Handi Quilter vendor when they were trying to clear out their pantographs. I don't know if Golden Threads even exists any more. I couldn't find them when I googled, so I can't share a link to the pantograph. 
I'm happy to have this project off the UFO list. It's ready for the fair and after that, it will be my shopping bag for when I visit the fabric stores.

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