Thursday 22 June 2023

Kimono Rose

There are some advantages to writing a blog, even if I don't post often or regularly. By searching in my blog posts, I was able to determine that I bought the Asian Influences e-book, from which I got this pattern, some time in 2014, and that I purchased a large part of the fabrics used in this quilt top at the Creative Stitches/Crafting Alive show in Edmonton that same year. I was also able to find out that I was working on the quilt in 2016, but wasn't able to finish it in time for that year's fairs. Or any fair since then. But it's finished now and I should be able to enter it in this years' fairs and then send it off to the recipient (my brother's widow). 
If you're interested in the pattern, you don't have to buy the book, like I did. There's actually a free e-book available now that contains this pattern. I think I need to explore more of the freebies available on Quilting Daily. Not that I really need any more patterns, but just in case... 
Because I started this quilt so long ago, I don't remember much of the process. I do recall having to rip a seam out because the blue lattice strips were not lining up properly. I also vaguely remember fussy cutting these cranes
so that they would fit nicely into the squares I was cutting. I'm thankful that none of the already fused and cut out applique pieces went missing during stage 2 of my craft studio renovations that prepared the space for my longarm  I actually took this out last year (or was it early this year?) and got a little more of the applique finished. But it lanquished some more until I determined to get it finished THIS YEAR! 
I also had to choose a quilting pantograph. Originally, I purchased Jessica's Ginkgo as an appropriate oriiental-themed design. 

Then I found Kyoto Fans and decided that it would coordinate much better with the theme of the quilt. 
However, it's a much denser, more intense design and now that I'm finished it, I really don't feel that it was the best design for this quilt top. Even on the backing, you can't really discern what the quilting is supposed to be. 
It looks like just a bunch of scribbling with my longarm. I think it's too dense a design for such a busy quilt top, and I should have probably gone with Jessica's Ginkgo. Nevertheless, it did meet with Mystery's approval. 
I'm happy to have another UFO finished. UFO no more!

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