Monday 8 May 2023

Coronation Quiche


This past weekend was the coronation of King Charles III. Yesterday was the "Big Lunch" celebrating the coronation, for which a recipe for a "Coronation Quiche" was created. You can find the recipe here. Personally, I found the recipe cringeworthy. All that saturated fat and cholesterol. Definitely not health food. Strike one. And lard in the crust! Seriously, who makes crust with lard any more? I know that Charles eats vegetarian two days a week and vegan one day a week for the environment. But how could anyone think that raising beef cattle is any better for the environment than raising dairy cattle? Or raising chickens for the eggs rather than the meat? Strike two. And then there's the animal cruelty factor. I can pretty much guarantee that the dairy and egg industries are no kinder to the animals than the meat industry. Not to mention the pigs that provided the lard... Strike three. Sorry Charles, but your chefs definitely struck out with this recipe, in my opinion. 
So, I determined to make a vegan version. Healthy whole foods, except that I did use some vegetable oil (not lard!!!) in the crust.
I started with the Spinach Quiche recipe from Whole Foods for Whole People cookbook. 
You can find used copies of this cookbook on Amazon here. I only had about 1 tablespoon of Chicken Style Seasoning (the recipe calls for 2), so I used what I had, added about a teaspoon of poultry seasoning and substituted black salt (kala namak) for the celery salt. I didn't really measure the spinach but my plan was for 1-1/3 cups instead of the 2 cups and I added 2/3 cup of frozen, shelled edamame, which I rinsed under hot water to defrost slightly. Instead of the cheese, I used the Pizza or Lasagne "Cheese" recipe from the same cookbook. I totally forgot about the tarragon, but I likely would have used dill or sage instead. Nevertheless, it still turned out delicious. The base was actually blenderized, soaked soybeans. 
The Favorite Wildwood Recipes cookbook is where I got the pie crust recipe. This is probably my first vegan cookbook and, as you can see, it's "well loved". 
Really, it's not necessary to sacrifice flavour to eat healthfully. Next, I'm hoping to tackle Coronation Chicken, which was the dish for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. 

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