Tuesday 22 July 2014

Last Chain on Billie: Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic preview edition of this book from Net Galley. I have not received any compensation for writing this review.
Wow, poignant and powerful, without being excessively graphic, Last Chain on Billie is a good read. Carol Bradley not only tells Billie's story, but gives some background in each chapter on the plight of elephants in captivity, without getting boring or heavy. Very well written, this book shares Billie's life in such a way as to develop empathy not only for Billie, but for all elephants who are forced into this existence. I was deeply saddened to discover the cruelty that captive elephants endure. Long ago, I swore off circuses, and this book only reinforces that decision. Unfortunately, circuses are not the only venue where this abuse is perpetrated. Why do human beings feel it necessary to exhibit such inhumane behaviour? I was ready to stand up and cheer when Billie was finally given her freedom. But why should she have had to endure so much? And why do elephants - and other animals - continue to be abused? This book is an education, but it is also a call to action. We should not rest until laws are in place - and enforced - that will make this kind of abuse a thing of the past.
If you want more information about Billie's new home, visit The Elephant Sanctuary.

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