Monday 9 June 2014

Another Row Finished on the Bluenose II

I had to make a very tough personal decision, one that was very painful. But once made, I suddenly felt like sitting down and working on the pixel quilt. I'd been neglecting it for weeks, but somehow, once I had made that decision, I had the peace I needed to be able to focus on this challenging quilt. I only had 3 more blocks to complete in order to finish Row 4. One of those blocks was all cut out, but not assembled. So I assembled it and then completed the last two blocks and attached the row to the rest of the quilt. That was done yesterday. Here's the result:
The sails are nearly done now. Today I completed the first block for Row 5. Here it is:
At the top, you can see the bottom corner of one of the sails on the right and the sky gradually blending into the darker blues of the ocean on the bottom. I decided to do these more challenging blocks row by row, rather than big blocks of colour and cutting out the whole block before assembling. First of all, there aren't too many big blocks of colour in these blocks, and secondly, when there are so many different colours in one block, it's easier to keep track of them by just doing one row at a time. Thirteen more blocks to go. My next scheduled day off is July 7th, so I'm hoping to be able to book time on the long arm quilter then to get this quilt finished. I don't think I'll try to do more than one block in a day. By the time I finished this block, I was really ready to rap it up. I don't want to work so long on it that I get bored and frustrated and end up neglecting it for weeks again. 
In the middle of the day today (between periods of working on this quilt block), I went to the dentist. It's been over two years since I've been to the dentist. It's not that I have dentist phobia. It's more that I just kept forgetting to make the appointment. Or I'd remember in the dead of winter. My dentist is 60 km away (about 37 miles): not a distance I relish in a severe Alberta winter. So I finally made it there today, and hopefully I'll remember to make an appointment sooner next time. I spent over an hour with the hygienist. So much scale (or whatever you call it) had built up on my teeth that she had to do a lot of scraping. So now my jaw (from keeping my mouth open so long) and my gums are really, really tender. I didn't even feel like chewing any supper, so I made a smoothie. And shared it with my grandson, of course. 
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