Wednesday 13 June 2012


Well, people, I finally did it! Praise God! I finished my studies and have my Bachelor of Nursing degree at last. Yippee! I'm so thrilled. I plan on taking a year off studies before I decide to pursue anything else, but I can definitely see a Master's degree on the horizon...
Meanwhile, on the work front, our team leader is retiring. While our employer does not plan on continuing the team leader position, we still need a nurse in the office for clients that come in for wound dressing changes, injections, etc. as well as doing other office duties. Yours trully is taking the position, which means I'll have a straight Monday to Friday job (at least until my employer changes its mind again). So, when I was at my convocation and other graduates were mentioning being able to get a better job now that they had their degree, I was thinking, "How much better can I get? I already have a Monday to Friday day job. It doesn't get much better than that in nursing jobs." I praise God for such a wonderful opportunity!

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