Wednesday 12 October 2011

Men and Competitiveness

Most men tend to be rather competitive. At no time has that been more apparent to me than since I bought my brand new pickup truck. I assume because a pickup truck is traditionally a man's vehicle, it threatens them when a woman drives one. Especially when it's not something that could be described as a 'lady's truck.' It's a V8, 4x4, extended cab, Chevy Silverado - more of a guy's truck. So, my truck has definitely brought out the competitive nature in some men. There was the guy I dated briefly. He kept apologizing for his 20 year old Ford Ranger. Then there was the man at church who asked me if I was still driving that "little truck," to which I replied, "It's not a little truck, it's a big truck." I have a male friend who keeps telling me what he would do if it were his truck. The other day, the ex stopped in (I still haven't figured out why he stops in. It's not exactly like we're bosom buddies or anything). During the course of the conversation, while I was cleaning and polishing my truck, he mentioned that the salesman at Ford couldn't offer him a good enough price for a trade-in on his truck. Now, there is no way he needs a new vehicle, but it wasn't till later that evening that I finally clued in and realized that he wanted to outdo me since I had just bought a new truck. He couldn't stand the fact that I have a 2011, while he only has a 2005. Finally there was the guy I just met and had coffee with. Knowing I own my own house and drive a brand new pickup truck, he told me that his jeep was top of the line, cost him $47,000 and he makes $130,000 a year, among other things. Insecure? Probably. Why can't men just appreciate my beautiful truck without competing with me over it? 
And more on the subject of men and my truck, this past Sabbath one of the men at church said that he noticed I hadn't washed my truck. Funny! He probably never notices what I wear, but he sure noticed that my truck wasn't washed! Let's face it, it is an eyecatcher.

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