Friday 2 September 2011

Just another one-date wonder!

Went out with a new guy a few nights ago. We ended up talking for hours. I thought we really clicked and that he was actually interested in me. Then I called him last night. Note that I called him, he didn't call me. He told me a couple of times that the date had been interesting. Interesting? What woman wants to be told that a date with her had been interesting? If I was preaching a sermon or teaching a lecture, you can say it was interesting, but for a date? Tell me you had a good time, it was fun, you enjoyed my company, but don't tell me it was "interesting." He also said that he had been very tired after staying up that late. Join the club. So now I'm tiring and interesting. No one held him at gunpoint and made him stay that long, and for the record, the conversation was not one-sided. So, I told him that I hope I hadn't bored him. I also apologized for keeping him out that late. Yes, after I said a couple of times that I had enjoyed the other night and his company, he finally said that he had enjoyed it, too. And he did say that he felt bad that he had kept me up late when he knew I had to work the next day (he didn't) and he thought he had been the one keeping me up, not the other way around. (I thought it was mutual and that we had both enjoyed the conversation as well. Shows what I know...). But it left me feeling like he regretted spending all that time with me, that I had just imagined any interest he felt towards me and that I'm right back at Square One. (I think that's a mall in Mississauga - maybe I should be there). I also reminded him that I have all next week off (hint that I'll have time to spend with him), and that I would probably go into the city where he lives (I live in a rural town) one day next week (broad hint that we could get together). But he didn't take the hints. So, what am I to conclude: that he's dense or that he's really not interested after all (or maybe he changed his mind after he had time to reflect on things)? Or maybe both... 
Just another one-date wonder, for which I am well known. 
I think I am just going to give up on men and dating altogether.

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